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Anti-Racist Pedagogy

GADE is pleased to host the Anti-Racist Pedagogy in Social Work Doctoral Education – A Series Lead by and Created For Doctoral Students. 

This four-part series was entirely created by and for doctoral students. It has engaged social work doctoral students across the country and challenged us with envisioning the realities of developing, implementing, and sustaining Anti-Racist Pedagogy across doctoral programs. The first three sessions were exclusively for doctoral students to collectively share experiences within our own programs and develop an outline of how we can move beyond Anti-Racist Pedagogy in Social Work Doctoral Education as a theory to a praxis.  In this final session, held on Wednesday April 14th, 7-8:30 p.m. EST the facilitators will share recommendations, co-created with students and centered on BIPOC voices, toward a vision of developing, implementing, and sustaining Anti-Racist Pedagogy in schools of social work. 

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ession one was exclusively for BIPOC PhD/DSW identified students only. The second session was exclusively for White PhD/DSW students. This third session included all students. All sessions are led and curated by doctoral students. All meetings were recorded for the purposes of drafting summary briefs based on the discussion, as will this final meeting. These recordings will not and have not been shared to further protect attendee's confidentiality; only the student organizers will have access to these files. This fourth and final meeting will include students and faculty. The goal of this final meeting is to review the findings from the first three meetings and collectively present recommendations for consideration. Faculty and administrators will be provided with meetings briefs to prepare for the larger meeting in the spring. Finally, we the student signatories below, would like to thank GADE for allowing our autonomy in the design and implementation of this series.

Details about Session 4 are attached in this flyer. For more information about session 4 please contact:

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