Student Award for Teaching in Social Work

Stephanie Q. Quiring, J.D.

Winner of the GADE 2018 Teaching in Social Work Award

Indiana University School of Social Work







Christopher J. Ward

Winner of the GADE 2017 Teaching in Social Work Award

 School of Social Work, Virginia Commonwealth University 






Tee Tyler

Winner of the GADE 2016 Teaching in Social Work Award

University of Texas at Austin, School of Social Work

Tee uses a teaching approach he developed called the Interpersonal Classroom Model (ICM). The ICM approach places interpersonal skill training and professional relationship development as the primary focus of classroom instruction. Tee uses this approach to share the responsibility of creating a cohesive classroom environment with his students. By focusing directly on student-student, student-instructor, and classroom relationships, Tee prepares his students for colleague-colleague, colleague-supervisor, and agency relationships in a variety of interprofessional settings. The ICM approach implement three pedagogical strategies: experiential learning opportunities, journal writing, and evaluative surveys. Each week of class, students participate in experiential learning opportunities, e.g. classroom dialogue, group practice demonstrations, research team exercises, etc. After each week of class, students complete an online journal entry and Qualtrics survey where they evaluate their in-class experiences. This allows students to reflect on what they are learning and allows Tee to assess student progress and to prepare course content that addresses student learning needs.


Call for Nominations  

2019 GADE Student Award for Teaching in Social Work

Is given to an individual doctoral student who has demonstrated outstanding qualities as a social work educator. The student’s record should evidence impact, creativity, and overall effectiveness as an instructor. The winner of the GADE Student Award for Teaching in Social Work will be provided a certificate and a $1,500 award at the Doctoral Student Award Breakfast held at the annual CSWE APM Conference in Denver, CO (October 24-27,2019). GADE is unable to pay for CSWE membership fees or conference registration.

Group for the Advancement of Doctoral Education in Social Work (GADE)

The Group for the Advancement of Doctoral Education in Social Work (GADE) was established over 25 years ago to provide a forum for sharing ideas and strategies among doctoral programs in social work, and for strengthening efforts at enhancing doctoral education. The membership, comprised of directors of established social work and social welfare doctoral programs located in accredited universities, has established three student awards in hopes of advancing social work scholarship, teaching, and service – three principal areas in which full-time professors are typically engaged as faculty members. This award reflects a commitment to bring visibility to our greatest resource, our students, who provide us with professional purpose and continuously offer us new ways to think and grow.

Award Criteria

  • Overall effectiveness as an instructor
  • Success in promoting critical thinking
  • Skills in presenting course material
  • Utilization of pedagogically effective approaches, for example, collaborative learning, problem-based learning, community-based learning, or other strategies
  • Command of subject
  • Creativity in activities, assignments, or approach
  • Ability to motivate students

Eligibility Criteria

  • The nominee must be enrolled during the 2018-19 academic year in a social work doctoral program that holds an active membership in GADE.
  • The teaching must have occurred while the nominee was enrolled as a doctoral student.
  • More than one nomination may be submitted from one doctoral program. Self-nominations are encouraged.

Nomination Procedures

Nominations Open: March 1, 2019

Deadline for Nomination: June 15, 2019

Nomination to Include:

  • Name of the Student
  • Contact information for the student (i.e., phone and e-mail address)
  • University attending

The nomination packet must include the following:

  • Evaluations submitted by students
  • Statement of teaching philosophy and approach including information relating to each of the Award Criteria listed above
  • A letter of support from the Ph.D. Program Director or the student’s doctoral advisor confirming the nominee has met all of the eligibility criteria (A signed .pdf document is required).

The nomination may also include:

  • Letters of nomination by faculty or students
  • Assessments from classroom observations by faculty

A single .pdf file including all required elements must be submitted electronically via e-mail attachment. 

Submission: Nominations should be submitted to the GADE Award Subcommittee to:  Nominations that do not comport with the above requirements will not be considered. 

The email Subject Line should read: 2019 Teaching Award Nomination from (Your University)

DEADLINE: June 15, 2019

Application Processing: The GADE Award Subcommittee will review all nominations. Nominees will be informed of the final decision on or before August 15, 2019.