Student Award for Social Work Research

2018-21 Student Award for Social Work Research

2021 - Erica Eliason

School of Social Work
Columbia University

Eliason, Erica L. (2020). Adoption of Medicaid expansion is associated with lower maternal mortality. Women's Health Issues, 30.3, 147-152.

Erica Eliason

2020 - Molly Costanzo

Sandra Rosenbaum School of Scoai Work,
University of Wisconsin - Madison

Costanzo, M. A. & Magnuson, K. (2019). How does disability influence child care arrangements for young children? An examination using the NHES ECPP. Children and Youth Services Review, 99, 210-225.

2019 - Ai Bo

Silver School of Social Work, New York University

Article: Bo, A., Hai, A. H., & Jaccard, J. (2018). Parent-based interventions on adolescent alcohol use outcomes: A systematic review and meta-analysis. Drug 
and alcohol dependence.

2018 - Yeonwoo Kim

Steve Hicks School of Social Work,
The University of Texas at Austin

Article: Kim, Y., Calzada, E. J., Barajas-Gonzalez, R. G., Huang, K.-Y., Brotman, L. M., Castro, A., & Pichardo, C. (2017). The Role of Authoritative and Authoritarian Parenting in the Early Academic Achievement of Latino Students. Journal of Educational Psychology. 



2021 GADE Student Award for Social Work Research Nomination Information and Guidelines

The GADE Student Award for Social Work Research is given to a doctoral student or a collaborative group of students, whose published (or in press) scholarship advances scientific inquiry in social work or social welfare. GADE strongly believes that excellent social work research contributes to anti-racist, anti-oppressive practices, programs and policies within social and educational institutions. Consonant with that belief, the Student Award for Social Work Research seeks to encourage and recognize reigorous scholarly work that clearly contributes to justice, equity, diversity and inclusion and demonstrates potential to impact social work practice, policy or research.

The winner of the GADE Student Award for Social Work Research will be presented with a certificate and a $1,500 award at the annual GADE Reception at SSWR in Washington, D.C. (January 12-16, 2022). In the case of a multiple-author journal article, the award of $1,500 will be split equally among named students. GADE is unable to pay for membership fees or conference registration.  

Group for the Advancement of Doctoral Education in Social Work (GADE)

The Group for the Advancement of Doctoral Education in Social Work (GADE) was established over 25 years ago to provide a forum for sharing ideas and strategies among doctoral programs in social work, and for strengthening efforts at enhancing doctoral education. The membership, comprised of directors of established social work and social welfare doctoral programs located in accredited universities, has established three student awards in hopes of advancing social work scholarship, teaching, and service[1] – three principal areas in which full-time professors are typically engaged as faculty members. This award reflects a commitment to bring visibility to our greatest resource, our students, who provide us with professional purpose and continuously offer us new ways to think and grow. 

Award Criteria

The criteria by which the scholarly journal article will be evaluated are:

  • Journal articles must be published or accepted for publication[2] between June 1, 2020 and May 31, 2021.
  • A doctoral student in a GADE-member School of Social Work/Welfare must be the sole author or first author in a multiple-author article.
  • The sole or first author must be a current doctoral student or have not graduated by June 1, 2021. Research must have been approved by the appropriate human subjects review committee(s). 
  • Research promotes equity, justice, diversity, inclusion, and anti-racist practices or policies in social work and social welfare
  • Author(s) demonstrate(s)/explain(s) how research integrates theories, models, or methods; and implications that promote equity, justice, diversity, inclusion, and anti-racist practices and policies
  • Self-nominations are encouraged and multiple submissions from the same university are allowed.

Nomination Procedures

Deadline for Nomination: September 15, 2021

The nomination packet must include the following:

  • A cover letter that includes:
    • Name of the sole or first author doctoral student and names of other doctoral students in a multi-author journal article 
    • Contact information for the student(s) (phone and e-mail)
    • University attending
    • A brief orientation to the journal, its reach, impact, and/or standing in the field
  • Evidence of IRB approval
  • Evidence of acceptance for “in press” submissions
  • For a multiple-author paper, a letter from each co-author attesting to the role(s) of the named doctoral student(s) in the development of the published paper.
  • A copy of the published or in press journal article[3] 

A single .pdf file including all required elements must be submitted electronically via e-mail attachment.   

Submission: Nominations should be submitted to the GADE Award Subcommittee to: [email protected]

Nominations that do not comply with the above requirements will not be considered.

The email Subject Line should read:

2022 Student Research Award Nomination from (Your University).

Application Processing: The GADE Award Subcommittee will review all nominations. Nominees will be informed of the final decision by Dec. 1, 2020.

[1] Information pertaining to other GADE Awards can be found at:

[2] Journal articles accepted for publication must be accompanied by documentation from the publisher.

[3] In the case of a “in press” journal article, students must submit the final manuscript version sent to the publisher.