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Board of Directors Committees


Dr. Michael LaSala (Chair, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey)

Dr. Jerome Schiele (Morgan State University) 

Dr. Anne Williford (Colorado State University)

Dr. Denise Burnette (Virginia Commonwealth University) 

Dr. Larry Farmer (Fordham University)

Dr. Debora Rice (Walden University)





Dr. Anne Williford (Chair, Colorado State University)

Dr. Sondra Fogel (University of South Florida) 

Dr. Poco Kernsmith (Wayne State) 

Dr. Stephen Tripodi (Florida State University)

Dr. Shonda Lawrence (Clark Atlanta University) 

Dr. Viola Vaughan-Eden (Northfolk State University)

Dr. Laura E Escobar-Ratliff (University of Kentucky)

Dr. Chi-Fang Wu (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

Dr. Michael Hurlburt (University of Southern California)




Dr. Lin Fang (Chair, University of Toronto)




Dr. Michael Hurlburt (Chair, University of Southern California)

Dr. Chi-Fang Wu (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

Dr. Gretchen Ely (University of Tennessee) 

Dr. Tonya Hansel (Tulane University) 

Dr. Femida Handy (University of Pennsylvania)

Dr. Julia Henly (University of Chicago)

Dr. Lin Fang (University of Toronto) 


Conference Program


Dr. Christina Gringeri (Chair, University of Utah) 

Dr. Sharon Lyter (Kutztown University of Pennsylvania)

Dr. Bethany R Lee (University of Maryland) 

Dr. Jerome Schiele (Morgan State University) 

Dr. Annette Semanchin Jones (SUNY-Buffalo) 

Dr. Allison Zippay (Rutgers University) 

Dr. Susan Robbins (University of Houston) 

Dr. Mimi Chapman (University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill)

Dr. Soleman Abu-Bader (Howard University) 

Dr. Jennifer Greenfield (Denver University)

Dr. Louanne Bakk (SUNY-Buffalo) 

Dr. Keith A. Anderson (Univ. of Texas-Arlington)

Dr. Jacqueline Dyer (Simmons University) 

Dr. Joy Patton (Our Lady of the Lake University) 

Dr. Michael LaSala (Rutgers) 

Dr. Julia R. Henly (University of Chicago)

Dr. Chi Fang Wu (University of Illinois)