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The Group for the Advancement of Doctoral Education in Social Work is an organization made up of over 80 social work doctoral program directors worldwide who represent their member Universities. Founded in the late 1970s, GADE primary purpose is to promote rigor in doctoral education in social work, focusing on preparing scholars, researchers, and educators who function as stewards of the discipline.

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GADE Initiative for Cross-Institutional Student Collaboration: Deadline October 15t, 2021

Award Criteria 

Proposals responding to this opportunity should identify a specific aspect of social work doctoral education for attention. A specific goal should be identified. Successful proposals will include students (PhD and/or DSW) from at least 3 GADE institutions who will help to organize activities during the academic year, with emphasis on student voices, experiences, and perspectives. Specific planned activities/conversations may vary and will often depend upon the issue selected. Initiatives should occur in collaboration with at least 2 GADE doctoral program directors who will help to ensure continuous connection with GADE’s mission. Beyond these minimum requirements, areas of focus will be left to the discretion of proposal teams. Proposed topics and activities can take a variety of forms but are encouraged to engage broader constituencies beyond those organizing the proposal (e.g., students/faculty).

Proposals will be assessed based on the following criteria: 

1.    Scope and Significance
       a.    Issue identified is relevant to many GADE member organizations
       b.    Topical focus is timely in the context of other recent events/initiatives
2.    Proposed Activities
      a.    Aims to build cross-institutional dialogue and capacity
      b.    Activities aim to improve some aspect of future-oriented social work                   doctoral education
      c.    Activities proposed engage students and faculty from diverse institutions
3.    Student Leadership Involvement
      a.    Students involved have a substantial and clear leadership role in                         proposed project
4.    Dissemination
      a.    Inspires information / data sharing and collaboration among member                 organizations
      b.    Clear plan for final summary report and/or dissemination
5.    Budget
      a.    Clear plan for how funds will be utilized

Application Procedures Deadline for Submission: October 15th, 2021.

       Application should Include: 

         (1)    Name of the student
         (2)    Contact information for the student (i.e., phone and e-mail address)
         (3)    University and program the student attends
         (4)    A proposal of no more than 1500 words (excluding the budget) that                    covers the following content:

                  a.    Goal and scope of the initiative
                  b.    Significance of the initiative
                  c.    Partners/institutions involved
                 d.    Project activities
                 e.    A plan for dissemination of the initiative activities.
                 f.    A timeline of the proposed initiative (Note: projects must be                               completed by December 31, 2022).
                g.    A detailed budget.

Additionally, please submit applicants’ current CVs as a separate appendix. 

A single .pdf file including all required elements must be submitted electronically via e-mail attachment.  

Submission: Nominations should be submitted to the GADE Board at: [email protected] 

Applications that do not comport with the above requirements will not be considered. 

The email Subject Line should read:  
2022 GADE Initiative for Cross-Institutional Student Collaboration (Your University).  

Application Processing: The GADE Board will review all nominations. Nominees will be informed of the final decision on or before November 1, 2021. 



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